Comprehensive Energy Solutions in Ireland

Empowering Your Future with Sustainable Energy Services

We offer a wide range of electrical services tailored to meet your needs. Our expertise spans from new builds to essential rewires, ensuring homes, businesses, and farms are powered efficiently and safely. Explore our services:

Solar Panels

We provide top-tier solar panel installation, helping you reduce electricity bills, lower your carbon footprint, and increase property value. Warranties are offered on a product-by-product basis for peace of mind.

Battery Storage

Store excess electricity generated during the day with our battery storage systems. Ensure your home is powered during the evening, maximising the benefits of your solar panels. Save money and enjoy a sustainable energy source.

Infrared Heaters

Experience energy-efficient heating with infrared panels featuring smart controls. Our infrared heaters are ideal for homes and businesses, providing comfortable warmth while reducing energy costs.

EV Chargers

Stay ahead of the electric vehicle revolution with our EV charger installations. We offer efficient charging solutions for homes and businesses, making EV ownership convenient and eco-friendly.

New Builds

For new construction projects, trust Drish Electric for expert electrical installation. We ensure your new build is equipped with reliable, safe, and energy-efficient electrical systems.


Upgrade your existing premises with our rewiring services. Drish Electric specialises in rewiring homes, businesses, and farms, enhancing electrical safety and efficiency to meet modern demands.

LED Lighting Upgrades

Switch to energy-efficient lighting with LED lighting upgrades. We offer cost-effective solutions to brighten your spaces while reducing energy consumption, contributing to a greener planet.

Water Pumps

We provide reliable water pump installations for residential and commercial properties, promoting water conservation and sustainability.

Electrical Maintenace

Keep your electrical systems in prime condition with our maintenance services. Drish Electric offers comprehensive maintenance packages for homes and businesses, ensuring uninterrupted power and safety.

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